Wednesday, 29 February 2012

...or a leap!

remember those days!
last post i wrote about taking a step; another about a jump, an evolution and a journey.
i am thinking i probably at the very least have stumbled a little over the last month, and today being leap day!!!...thinking that a LEAP might be a more appropriate advantage in the process of my possibilities!
all in all my life is a pendulum.
it swings as good as it does bad.
I don't have terrible things happening,
nothing that can't be handled,
when I keep a positive perspective about things.
so.... suppose it is really about a LEAP of FAITH!
the icky stuff i have been dealing with
has gone over pretty well,
keeping a faithful perspective that this too will pass,
and i am strong enough.
and when i keep my focus forward,
with a huge dose of positive mental gratitude attitude.
...well then you have possibilities abound!