Monday, 10 October 2011

Yep. It's me!

Well. It's the old me. I'm changing. Growing. Morphing maybe. It is time. Actually...I was walking with a friend to pick up the kids a few weeks back and she noticed a stone under the growing ivy. She parted the ivy seeking wisdom from the words set in the stone. It said "if you haven't grown up by don't have to". Tidbit of wisdom...set in stone. Rhetoric to live by!

Anyhow, It's canAdian thanKsgiving today and I decided upon rising this morning that this very day needed meaning for me. Tradition. I want to do something about a lot of things. Lately I find myself doing nothing about something...and I am finding myself really annoyed and further rather annoying.

I am not thankful enough. It bothers me. I feel so blessed and spoiled and I am rotting on the inside due to a less than charming attitude. I want to become the person God intends for me to be. I don't know her yet and if things keep up she is not going to wAnt to be me...I don't wAnt to be me...or with me...most of the time these days.

Thus I find myself pondering.
Making do' dont's!

I am on a journey.
A discovery.
I feel like an anthropologist...humanitarian...historian...on a quest.

This blog is intended to follow me one step at a time on my journey. A journal of hope...desire...possibility!

It is also a journey of a mother advocating healing, and TBI...not TMI...TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury and a journey of a mother's son, my son, healing...hopefully.


...healing is possible :)

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